Saturday, March 22, 2008


i was struggling to study for my 2 assessments i have on my birthday. and now i believe in birthday charm~~~ although i didn't finish studying for my assessments, i think i did quite well! of course, there are always those FEW QUESTIONS that you always forget or dunno how to answer XD

unbelievable! my birthday and i didn't even take ONE picture T-T

nevermind...moving on:

i did not plan anything at all, seriously. sad...haha
then we just randomly decided to go to sunway pyramid loh~~
the people who actually went: ivan, desiree and clement
late but came in the end: byron and russell
others? busy loh~

plan was to watch movie, redbox and arcade etc.... movie that we watched was STEP UP 2. and that was my 2nd time watching it! i admit, it's BETTER the 2nd time i watch leh, really..... i don't mind watching a 3rd time =D since david wanted to watch too, but i failed to inform him the news. so now i ended up feeling kinda sorry i didn't reply him sooner about the movie.....=( but he's having the F1 catering thing the next day, having to reach college at 5 in the morning!! wouldn't want him to be late for that~ he was selected for the F1 catering and i wasn't, kinda beh song.........

going to the redbox was totally forgotten when we were there. since the movie was at 9.20 pm. we bought the tickets at 7 pm, we ended up playing in the arcade. me and ivan played the ppr machine, the one that u danced with your hands only, not liking it now.......and played DDR!! =D i had fun~~

then we had our dinner before the movie:
AH! a picture was taken! but with ivan's cam
it's me eating a MONSTER-SIZED burger, hahaha
im gonna get that picture ASAP....=D
by the way, we ate at Carl's Jr which according to ivan, is 5 times better than burger king. yes it is expensive too.... haha
byron said he'd share a combo sized burger with me.....
he said he wasn't hungry and....

in the end, I FINISHED IT ALL ALONE!!! really full.....
should i be proud?? everyone else of course finished theirs, but they're all guys, they should. desiree? hers is regular size nia, although big too...haha... mine was BIGGER!! i feel like a pig, and byron really believed i could finish it on my own leh, he ate nothing but paid for the whole thing! nice lah~~ so that's like his birthday present to me lah!!?!!? haha thanks byron~

burgers there are like:

hahaha XD

i just received the picture~

they say it looked really big.....what do you think?

other than that.... i got nothing else from anyone. those presents from my brunei buddies i havn't received so that doesn't count XD but i thank u guys all here first!! THANKS~!!

ivan and al said they're gonna get me something~ oh ya, seng wei told me to go to miri to get his 'priceless' kiss. hahahahaha. thank you all who have left birthday messages in my cbox and friendster~

even more thanks to all the people who have given me birthday greetings~ to ivan and russell who both sang the birthday song to me respectively~ ^^

i have this really cute cousin who instead of sending me a birthday greeting at the first minute of my birthday sends it at the last minute of my birthdate...haha really adorable~

after the movie, we all cramped in ivan's car and sent byron home. then we went yamcha without him! XD at station 1. we talked and talked, mainly crap which we all enjoy talking about haha. then we left at 12+ am. found out that someone in the car is VERY ticklish, so....heh heh heh.

i got back then first one to chat with me was tung lik then ian~

they offline after a short while then here i am blogging all these stuff~ and for the record, i didn't sleep for 36 hours!!!!! just to study leh, wow. i'm SO DAMN ABNORMAL.... yet i look fine. no black pouches under my eyes. no panda eyes. heck i even look energetic =P maybe i AM partly vampire.....hahahahahaha who am i kidding? >.> i'm crazy~~


Amilyn said...

i wasn't aware that we have a cute cousin

Anonymous said...
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collie~ said...

riiiight... u want details on who that is then? haha