Saturday, March 22, 2008

F1 catering service

i've mentioned this before, here's more details of wat i think of it

there's an interview which i registered for to serve at the F1 catering service.
it's the sepang circuit, link if u wanna know more of it -

here's the catch:
- i can finally have a job that pays, total of RM 260 for 2 days
- i can finally have a job experience
- F1 catering leh, meet the famous racers lah!
- and the nice cars, although i know nothing about them XD

vann, byron and jeanette also registered for the interview. most of the people did a little research on the F1 thing in case the interviewers would ask questions about them. i didn't though. them 3 were looking forward to actually having the job you know. the interview was REALLY brief. they just ask 3 questions: name, age, know anything about F1? well those are my questions. and it lasted... what, 1 minutes? i even tried to expand it. but she said that's all, i was kinda shocked and surprised.... >.> who wouldn't?

the interviewers were 3 female australians. they were quite nice i think, but i DO NOT like them at all now. darn them! of all my WHOLE group 3 people, NONE of us were chosen. even the few people who were late were chosen. -sigh-

good side:
- i have more time to study
- i don't have to wake up early in the morning at 4 to get to college at 5 am
- no need to buy the court shoes and white T-shirt that was required
- no more further increase in pressure

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