Tuesday, March 4, 2008

damn stressed out

i stayed up these past two whole nights to finish my press kit!!!!

i did sleep in the afternoon lah....

the hell with my lecturer! he could have inform us beforehand that he's gonna postpone the due date before the actual due date!!!! damn, we were rushing like shit. even the other groups! they even skipped class. oops, shouldn't have said that. haha.

this whole thing even made vann pissed at me!! T-T all my fault since i'm a last minute person, i promised that i'll finish by last friday. it was finished on monday. but then that's not something i can change in a few days. i have to have better time management from now onwards, although i wanted to change this bad habit of mine since last year.

our lecturer's a pretty nice guy though, extended one week of our due date for us. our fault for not making use of the time we got in our hands, sigh. but then if he informed us earlier i would have made the press kit better than it is now, argh! OR..... i wouldn't have started doing it yet.

conclusion: everything's my fault!!

lesson learnt: stop being so last minute and finish assignments early
so i don't need to be so stressed out!!

and oh yea, it's because of the press kit that i didn't have time to post anything up. i'll try to find time to update the events that happened last week, hehe.

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