Tuesday, April 8, 2008

a bit of time

i've been really lazy to post anything up lately
-holidays tends to make me more lazy
-procrastination level increased
-schedule for 2nd term packed!
-tired every night i got back from classes
-lazy to think
-uploading pictures in blogger is getting kinda slow
-typing/posting/blogging consumes a lotta time
-have to be environmental-friendly

some pictures i got from jackie
(the one in sunglasses)

goon ee hears no evil
ivan speaks no evil
cole sees no evil


jackie ah.....
he's too busy taking the picture

for now, since i'm tired......
i'll just stop with these two pictures

i can see it now...............
there'll be more posts on the way, more pictures will be uploaded. it's about the trip to genting, btw pictures can be seen at my facebook now. another one is about the orientation dinner for the new batch of students coming to taylor's, Batch 30. and maybe another on how my poisson saute a la meuniere dish is cooked, which wasn't er.....that nicely done. it's fish fillet.

it may be posted tomorrow, the day after, or the day after that.....


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