Wednesday, March 26, 2008

random pictures part 1

this monkey i got as my birthday present~ from vann, ethan, and i dunno who not sure who else is in on it.

thanks vann, i know u're reading haha =)

at the old town white first time there~

this here's ivan who brought us there

none of my picture taken there though~

reads: 'mentari court' there's always a car/taxi stopping in front of the guard house there

this is tower A which i live in
forgot to snap the words 'tower A'......

a really blurred image of the swimming pool at mentari at night
it's taken from the 17th floor btw
will take a better picture soon~

3 'anonymous' people taking the LRT.....XP

the day i went jungle trekking with ivan, yes the two of us only... and we're at the watching tower resting. never knew how damn tired it can be.....

i've finished ONE-THIRD of the whole gasing mountain only?!?!?! my body is getting weaker with the lack of exercise now.....T-T

hahaha kambang face of his XD

the burger ivan ate at carl's jr the last time, this one looks really big too huh??

one of my housemate's shoes, nice leh? i always borrow from her, i'm gonna get my own pair soon. course not the same one lah~

my first shoes from vincci+ it hurts at first, i'm getting used to them already =D

my first pair of shoes i bought for college, doesn't suit me and i didn't really like it. it hurts the my ankle too. kinda regret buying them, but i wear them occasionally anyways~

right....anything else i should be showing? hmmm.....
oh! my school campus haha but i'm just that lazy....
what else.....? my room's a mess so i'm not planning to show...>.>

haha here's what i wear when i'm in my apartment XD

wow i totally forgot about my student id. and here it is~ the keys there are to my locker. did i mentioned that we can only enter the library after scanning our student id? i think my picture in my id looks funny.....

i found my BSB concert ticket underneath my pile of stuff on my table haha XD ah~ how much fun i had at my first concert~~

i shall take more pictures if i don't procrastinate....

more coming up~

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