Wednesday, March 5, 2008

refreshing my memory

they're gettin more blur each day!! i might miss out a lotta things in here~

27th february - wednesday

my FO presentation was TOTALLY boring and very unprepared, think my lecturer noticed that too. but then she's very nice, she said "You all did a very good job". im gonna put more effort in my final assessments in march
HK class: learnt some new things, not that i can remember much now.

the afternoon of HK class was easier to recall, there was an assessment which i didn't study for. hahaha, guess what? i scored 4 marks... don't be surprised, it's only out of 5 marks XD

went back after class, waiting for time to pass. that's because it was the night of the backstreet boys concert~! concert ticket cost me RM 88, my sis says that's cheap. well. it's free standing. btw, that was my very 1st concert! went there in david
's car, was with vicky(another vicky), nic, max, clement and david of course. jeanette was there, but we only saw each other after the concert ended.

i've learnt only quite awhile ago that when u're in malaysia, expect scheduled things (anything) to be delayed. so we reached there at 8 pm, which was the scheduled time. there were already a lot a people there, it did increased a lot after the concert started. and that was at around 8.40 pm. for the first quarter of the concert, i had a really good view of the boys. that's coz i had a gentleman to piggyback me XD but after that, i had to tiptoe to see them since i didn't want him to tire out. i couldn't believe that the Backstreet Boys were just standing right in front of my eyes!!

i simply love all the old songs they sang, especially larger than life which was the song they started with and the call~ got kinda lost while they sang their new songs, except for helpless when she smiles. i listened to it the night before....a lot of times. there weren't any breaks during the concert, they sang non-stop. and they were sweating really badly. i could see that clearly on the screens beside the stage. everyone in the crowd sang all the old songs out loud, of course me too~ it was really fun, was shouting throughout the whole concert. almost lost my voice XD i tried to take some pictures with my phone. they're too far for me to take a good one T-T
last song of the night: shape of my heart
ended at around 10.30 pm. went to yamcha till 12, was really tired by then. right eye wins for wednesday

28th february - thursday

slept till 3 pm when my reminder alerted. my very first commis is at 4. i met ammie and james for the 1st time. ammie and i were commis for james, he's the one who's in BDH. met also andrew, who was james' fren. he's kinda the opposite of the andrew we know, hahaha.

starter was mornay cake, main course is seabass. i've learnt quite a lot that day, hard to put them into words though. the whole thing ended at around 9 pm, quite late. in fact, that was the latest time i went back home from college. excluding dinners, out to yamcha and other activities outside college XD

29th february - friday

made it just in time for envg class, latecomers were to leave the room. envg assessment will be on the next week, march 7th. oh yea, i started rushing to finish my press kit on this day.... was up till pretty late, promised vann that i would finish, technical difficulties arose. FINALLY finished it on monday XD

this here's russell lee, ahaha. of course not THAT russell lee la~ we were having envg class when this picture's taken. almost everyone are like that when having the class. yes, it IS a very boring class. but i try to pay attention nonetheless. well, i AM class rep~

1st & 2nd march - saturday/sunday

my weekeds always went by in a hurry. damn the internet, really good at killing time for me. especially when i don't want it to. >.> so i was in front of my laptop most of the time... was suppose to go my uncle's house during the weekends, but.....meh~ my assignments are more important and if i go there, for sure i'll goof around procrastinating more.

3rd march - monday

this day is pastry class! desert of the day is apple tart and various fruit tartlets~

preparing and testing the ingredients, or in our case, eating the ingredients XD

anne preparing her tartlets very carefully~

this here's yin

anne and shin preparing the tartlets

5 of us are to make apple tarts, another 5 for the tartlets. other 2 extra people so ngam they're late, so they help out nia.

ian helping al out

alvin looking for knife to peel his mango haha =P

'fruits' of our hard work XD

mouth watering leh? haha

they're selling them at RM 1 each ! so damn cheap. we forgot to eat some before delivering them to the pastry kitchen, where they're gonna sell them. they were also selling eclair, choux chantilly, tiramisu(if not mistaken) cake and chicken puffs. ALL AT RM 1 each!!

that is not jean's hand, haha

gettin jelly to glaze the tarts

my apple tart/pie =D
a bit burnt, but...meh~

russell eating his puff

after delivering the tarts, we met nicholas in the pastry kitchen, he's the one selling, and russell, the one buying. and of course there are other people there who i do not know. both buying and selling. russell was waiting for his turn to buy when we reached there, and so i was asking him to get something for me. i was just joking of course.

me: hey russell i know u very nice one, buy me something
russell: er....ok loh, wat do u want?
me: huh? serious?
russell: why not? they're only one ringgit each. haha
me: hah? so cheap?

yes, i only knew the very cheap price of the pastries right then and there, eheheh. i had the cake~ it tasted ok i guess, since they were made by the students. i can't remember the taste anymore, that was days ago........

press kit finally finished this afternoon when i'm in the student lounge. time: 5.30 pm. got the data and everything to the stationery shop to print the darn thing out. i can only get the press kit printed out the next day and collect it during lunch time, since the shop closes at 6. i had no problems with that, my IT class is in the afternoon.

total cost including brochure: RM 97.60 !!! WTF!!! there were 44 pages meaning 22 A3-sized papers, each costing RM 3.90 i think. plus this cost and that cost....i dunno, it just totals up to that sum. we divided the cost into 4, since they're 4 of us in the group. around RM 25 each, that's still a lot T-T well...i shouldn't complain so much since i'm group leader(again) for this assignment. most people had theirs printed there anyways.

4th march - tuesday

already mentioned in my earlier post...

5th march - wednesday

kitchen practicals~ menu's potato and carrots respectively.
we were asked to make any potato dish we can with only the potato we have. being kinda clueless, we and vann started by boiling the potato in water. then put it in ice water to cool it down. after that we saute them. we even deep-fried the potato after the saute-ing. even after all that, our potatoes' are only 80% cooked, hahaha

vann and my potato dish was so good i only managed
take a picture of the last potato, haha =D

this thing here costs RM 2000+!! it's broken though, what a waste. it should be able to lasts for years, but....i dunno the story. it's for mashing potato. since it's broken, we have to mash them manually. chef only demo after we finish our dish, so that we can learn from what we did wrong when we were cooking on our own.

me and vann's evaluation: 80% cooked only, as mentioned. the seasoning's the way chef likes it, a LOT of seasoning. haha. flakes can be found on the potatoes. we boiled them at high heat, but we should have had it at medium heat so that they were heated evenly. and something about starch forced to come out of the potato and thus the flakes. hehe, i forgot....

chef demo-ing how to make mash potato

shin peeling the potatoes

vann checking the carrots

frying home-made potato chips XD
the other pan is for the carrots~

free style time~

after chef finish the demo, he gave us half an hour free style time to make any dish we know/wanted with the ingredients on the trolley. there were radish, cauliflower, carrot, zucchini and potato. vann and me chose to fried some vegetables and mash potatoes. others tried something else. i didn't notice what they made, bleh =P

jean was sitting there enjoying her mash potato though, that i noticed~ she even went around feeding it to everyone, haha. those legs in the picture belongs to ethan by the way.

we were finish with our dish and having a snack~

most of the veggies were already eaten, half the mash potato left.
i forgot to take a picture before they ate them up T-T hahaha, i was one of them eating it =P

yamcha time~

another picture before going home~
we were in the locker room btw

6th march - thursday

being class rep of envg class means my phone credit will drop really soon T-T i have to msg everyone when there's news on envg class and/or assessment. everyone meaning 7 groups of 13 people averagely. that's a total of around 90 people! my money~! wonder i had to top up my credit so soon. i recharge RM 30 every time it almost expire which is about a month's time, but this month's like...10 days before the expiry date i already need to top up liao =(

first msg to everyone concerning the envg assessment: friday at 5-6 pm, venue is mph. class in the morning will be conducted as usual.
second msg: the time is changed to 4-5 pm.

ARGH! had to waste all that credit, especially when i was only informed of the change of the time on THURSDAY. the day before the assessment! damn pissed....

7th march - friday

hahahahaha. was 20 minutes late for envg class. such a coincidence that my lecturer s talking about tardiness when i reached.
i walked in the side door, my lecturer's standing on the stage talking:

mr wong: do u know what happens to latecomers?

audience was quiet and looked at my direction when i entered. he didn't noticed me though

mr wong: yes, they don't get to enter the auditorium. they don't get to have their class.

good thing he didn't lock the door like he said he would, i was standing there beside the stage while he was talking. i paused there, scratching my head and nodding my head to what he says with my arms folded. i heard some giggling from the audience. then yin told me to sit down fast, hahahaha. in the end, he didn't noticed i think. maybe he knew and ignored, who knows? lucky me~

i was thinking what would happen if i skipped the class while i was on the way there, first thing that came in mind was: 'My perfect group attendance!!!!' hahaha, it's true you know. in all the groups in DH and DT, my group is the only group with full attendance. as class rep i'm very proud =D

after that, it's time for our presentation of cuisines around the world. mine's italy~ my group members are ethan and byron. we didn't choose this grouping though, our lecturer did.

my presentation was well.....i thought i did okay..... till vann told me i was really soft. but my presentation ended already by then. damn it. i didn't know, if not i would be speaking at the top of my lungs when i present....argh!
byron was ok, but ethan was soft also =( no point dwelling in the past, i just have to improve myself~

a few hours later, envg assessment! i didn't study much truth be told, but most of the questions asked are general knowledge and what's more, it's 50 questions of MCQ =D yes, i know my general knowledge sucks.....

mesmerized~ taken before the assessment

this is beste, his full name is er...something like bestevarielle d lorraine sandah =D he's the cutest of our whole batch 29, haha. he's a nice kid. kid? er...i mean guy. he doesn't even look his age. he's 18, older than me! he even showed us a train ticket to somewhere which i forgot, he only needed to pay RM 2 for children's price, adult's Rm 4. hahaha, wonder if he felt lucky he can save the money, or insulted...?

saturday passed by in a flash, i didn't even noticed

i like both my eyes, hahaha~
i can get both my contacts in easily now

another damn long post~

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