Tuesday, March 11, 2008


my very simple-ly designed menu

last night, i was procrastinating once again on my assignments. it's such a good thing that i decided to design my menu since i'm not sure when it's due to be submitted. and turns out it IS due on monday.

would you say i'm lucky?

time: 8 am
class starts at 8.30 am, but almost everyone were there already. while we were chatting in the mamak stall, i could SEE that almost everyone had already finished the menu. so i was thinking if i should get mine printed out since i've already designed it.

time: 8.25 am
i was still fidgeting, since the stationery shop opens around 8.30 am. in the end i chose print it out. that resulted me getting to the restaurant/class later by a few minutes, NOT that i'm late. all that matters is that i submitted in time~~ good thing i bought the strings for the menu too.

my lecturer gave marks for our menu design while we had a short break, i was gonna peek into his file. but....didn't make it =( i can't believe i actually got close to dozing off during his class~! no one noticed XD

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