Sunday, July 11, 2010

one more week to go

in case anyone wants to know laaa

im flying back to kl next week :
3pm on 17th July 2010

go send me laaaaaa~~~ if u're free :D

todayyy ~ (saturday)
was the express outing day (supposedly)

but we didnt all gather at the same time :/ and not all were present with some others present too

the initial plan was on thursday but it was postponed due to me going to limbang and a few others not free also. meh ~

so basically pool-ed again, and until midnite again. lol

but this time we added in bowling in the evening.

SOOOO expensive compared to pool! $6 per hour and can SHARE ~

bowling's $5 per per head game plus $1 for renting the shoe. that's a lotta money!

first up i met liang lih, law and tze hung for bowling

hung just came back from uk and he's FRIGGIN TALLLLL
i'd say a head and a half taller than me!
and he says its just average for the guys in uk O.O

then i ate ayamku for dinner~~~ so nice ~~ so fattening ~~ so lol ~~

second round of bowling with law, ong aaaaaaaaaand the rest (4 others)

it was crazy fun and full of laughters :D
like making weird poses after throwing the ball
hoping it'll strike the pins better. . . . . it works!! . . . . most of the time hahaha

we were half way through the last round when shu en came.

thennn pool ~


dunno whether it'll be on tmro :/

maybe friday? or force koyu to take a day off so he can cook too? xD

but have to wake up early~~

dim sum breakfast with the wonderful fam :DD


AND AND AND!!!!!!!!

i dyed my hair liao! me likey likey ~ ^~^
colour - deep burgundy, not too noticeable. just the way i want it :D

my mum and aunt are regulars at hair dying. coz. . . . they have THE unwanted natural hair colour which shows their age and stress hehehe

and they were dying earlier at noon. so together dye dye lo ~

check it out the next time u seeee me or when i get a picture of it

itssoooooosilkysmooth :DDDDD


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