Monday, July 12, 2010

cheez bowl

cheeezzzzbox for lunch today ~

but this time more with more ppl.

the last trip was with nisa & cyuin, i HAD pictures!

but its in the internal memory of the camera and i have no idea how to get it out or no time/lazy to find out how :(

this time there's JANE TAY
like 2.5 years no see her liaoooooooo! still the same old girl :D

PAN, that ever so tall guy who suudenly went to perth and back :D

and mick , the ever unique mick muahahaha
promoting her blog : :D

pictures lazy to upload here ~

but its all uploaded in fb, where its so uber-ly easy to upload now ^^

if u're my friend in fb then sure can view.... i think!

after the cheez, bowling bowling bowling.

literally went bowling for 3 consecutive days.

1st day : with express-es

2nd day : me and mick's bring-ur-sibling-bowling day + chai eng
playing the 2nd time made it a bit tiring x 2
honestly wasnt really looking forward to a 3rd time

3rd day : today :DD
i was proved wrong and really enjoyed myself today, although the cost of it aint pretty.

made nicknames again :DD

ok so the score board's like this, its shows the first initial of the name u type in only. we had 2 lanes with 3 ppl on each.

in order :
lane 1 : pan, nisa & mick
lane 2 : cyuin, jane & quah

THEN the lane 1 always have one pin missing, ALWAYS. so unfair, right? then we decided to change lane, but we forgot to change the names. so we change our names (only the first initial)! :

PAN - Can (with Cyuin's initial)
CYUIN - Pyuin (with Pan's)

NISA - Jisa (with Jane's)
JANE - Nane (with Nisa's)

MICK - Qick (with my Quah's)
QUAH - Muah (with Mick's)

and it was funnnn ~ :DDDD

been spending a lot these days, especially on the Kanojyo's stufffff ~ hehehe

so bowling's checked out of my ultimate plan.

THAT plan im starting to think its too ultimate, thus not possible :(

its slowly breaking down into parts, making it possible soooo.....

- JP : might be cancelled this time
- kaizen : friday nite good?
- pasar malam : thursday nite, confirmed.
- cooking : mehh, never decided on the dish. troublesome-ish.
- so we're going to send him off and have dinner at Express :D
- a visit to mick's before the send-off (maybe)

until then. . . . . .

my hair colour before i finish this

the first one i can find where u can see the blackness of my hair

can see? can see?

or maybe this one? ahaha
can see its slightly brown / purple-ish ~

see in person AND under the sun will have the best result :D


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