Thursday, July 15, 2010

half a lazy day

oh yeah~

my dad suddenly wanted to go miri

so going there tomorrow, one day trip.

MEANS im supposed to be sleeping early and waking up early early morning. but geeeee.... look at the time :/

i've been sleeping REAL late nowadays, holidays totally disrupts my sleeping hours worst than normal (which is already abnormally baaaad)

yesterday went like this :

because my family had to move round end of august, i have to finish packing my stuff here before i leave for kl. so i started packing round after midnite, then time flew by real fast while i was packing, especially my anime/cd/ost SSSSS.

so i went on and on till i hear door-knob-turning and door-closing sound from next door. that means my mum's up. and i checked the time.


woooooo~ i was up all night and im still not done packing. then miri tomorrow lehhh, hope i finish it in time.

THE kids (My lil siblings) woke up and got ready. then i semangat wanna follow my mum to send them to school.
PS i volunteered to send them but my mum wanted to go tamu and she bought TOFU, a whole chicken and sweet potatoes. SWEET. im gonna have fun with the chicken :D

got back home, ate ham chim peng! SOOO long never eat liao ~~ i always eat along the spiral part and go rounds and rounds before finishing it :D fun while eating

then tv till i feel asleep on the sofa at 8-ish.

woke up 10 plus and went up to my bed. back to sleep again after checking my mails. yea im such a pig, i enjoy sleeping!

yeaaaaaaaaaaa~ :D

and i can sleep under almost any circumstances ~

aaaaaand i woke up again at 2-ish :D

holiday time only can i afford to be crazy like this, but this has to stop! i hope :/

i ate NASI LEMAK from chai eng's , yummy yummy ~

a family friend, A came over to stay a few days, so we decided to go watch movie, but my bro got tuition till 9pm. so me, my sis and A went to kiulap, coz the cinema seats are COMFYYYY! but before i parked the car, i noticed we have a problem :D genius, my sis had $10, and A had RM only ~

then i have $5, geng right?

kiulap i dunno any place for changing money, except banks which are closed.

so went to gadong to change.

then back to kiulap ~ u'd think we 'jiak pa bo shu cho'
hokkien for eat full nothing to do :D
in fact, yes. we had too much time in our hands while waiting for my bro ~

they wanted to watch despicable me, i watched liao. but since its so nice, i dun mind watching a second time :D plus, im still wondering why we didnt check online whether it was showing in the first place ._. qlap mall no showing for DM.

on the way down wanting to get back to gadong... yes, back to gadong.


so we had a snack in Jollibee(FAT), my lil sis' treat eheheh

only then i remembered! was supposed to go pool

so since i kinda wanted to go, and i wanted to bring my bro last time but failed. since A was here, boleh la :D A's in between my bro and my age, so we get along really well.

i had to bring my sis back so we balik rumah after the rain subsided(a bit)

DISCOVERY : my bro had talent in playing pool! lol

i made my bro addicted to it, im such a bad influence :X

very good lo brunei, no one smokes while playing pool. SO NICE!!
compared to kl........

OMG this was supposed to be a short update bout miri niaa :(

should be sleeping now,


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