Wednesday, July 28, 2010


ahhhh back in kl

then my blog less active liao

the last time i felt like updating(a few days ago), i saw my hit counter was 1000.

i shocked and shiock a bit lo~~ haha quite fast lo, for meee

and now 1200 liao. weird leh, so many foreign ppl pass by my blog wan =/

so erm... MY REPORT!

my crazy report has a limit of 55 pages.
i just finished stressing with part 1. 2 parts in total.

part 1 was the easy part. *DIE

im suppose to find and decide on a topic to write on for part 2 and analyse in detail blah blah blah those kinda stuff for er... 30 pages max. sooooo im SUPPOSED to have a topic by now. tomorrow have to submit a draft formulation of the topic ~ wheee~ and i havnt started. . . .

on top of that!

ASSES!! one for every single subject i have! and they are: (for my own reference)

- French : Video + description of a 'thing'
- HR : Case Report
- Finance : Oral Presentation + Cash Flow
- Marketing : Weekly report+oral presentation - total of 4
- Sales & Nego : Sales Kit + MORE presentation ~
- Budgeting : HW + Pop Quiz
- English, YES ENGLISH ._. : 50 articles+report

they just loooooove presentations, such a hassle =/

so far like that first, must finish a few of the asses

how u guys hanging? i'll be back soon!


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Vicky 刘宁 said...

lol, gambateh on ur uni life!