Monday, July 5, 2010

and here's 200 for the fam

today started with me waking up late (again)

coz of sleeping REALLY early (in the morning)

sunday usually my whole family would wake up early and eat breakfast or brunch if we're later together outside.

BUT i slept til 12 without anyone waking me

i felt something was wrong lo...

then i found out....

*dang dang dang*

my mum's friends from limbang came over
when they're here, it either means my mum's gonna be cooking and/or we're all eating separately. sooooooo... like that lo.

kinda bummed out, coz its been awhile since we last ate together on the same table.

*the last time was steamboat on thursday! oh... i didnt write about that yet

just a little fun get together with a few friends of the family for some BBQ steamboating

soooooo my mum brought her friends out shopping and my bro went out with his friend.

and then there was 3. me, dad, lil sis.

we went out to eat lunch. even though there was food in the house :)

rejoice chicken rice ~~~~
long long long time since i last ate :D the portion is hugeeeeeee (rice), compared to kiamsiap malaysia hahahhaa

and then we went and bought some fruits, coz my digestion aint doing so well.

then balik................................... then slept for awhile, yea im such a pig

at around 5 + pm
dad says, 'yao bu yao qu da qiu?'

and on the way we go to play golf at PMGC :DDD - another acronym!

er.. pantai mentiri golf club, yea.

just at the driving range, learning and practising how to hit a golf ball

it was raining cats and dogs! on and off

it was fun, me and my sis had a couple of nice shots. out of 200. not bad!

looks something like this

after a tiring and rainy round of golf.


at Buffalo Steakhouse Restaurant ~

the food there is nice ~

but well, its freaking expensive

the cordon bleu, medium rare sirlion steak, baked lobster, sizzling lamb shoulder are delish! i dont recommend the salmon steak though. or the baked escargot. but the baked mussels were really fresh! most edible ones i had so far ~

and then goes the family dinner, with my elder sis missing though.

its still a nice day with the fam

hnmm.. we dont have that habit of taking pictures


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