Tuesday, July 6, 2010

exciting tuesday

after a boring monday. did totally NOTHING ~
a very demotivating day

wow i have monday blues even in my holidays

although i had planned to go gym early
i procrastinated til 2-3 pm only go

initial plan was going alone, mick was available to accompany :D

3rd trip to the gym since i came to brunei, that aint good.

and only today i noticed that the membership card's valid till July 12
that's only 6 days away!
i shall go to the gym everyday which i dont have plans
only for these 6 days ~

sooo the plan was badminton with yang and huat after gym.
took some time in the gym, having sakai time with mick there :)

then mick had to head back, new furnitures in her house to remove and rearrange ~ so she'll be busy these few days. hard to get her out now :(

i never knew the badminton court in pusat belia was FOC!! i super sakai
then again i never played much badminton outside school or the house
understandable la ~

but its like sauna there, damnnnn hot. the fans werent on! just a few.
jankn and his family are very good badminton players!
they got skillss. i never knew ~
his bro joined today. so a nice number to play doubles.

i KO-ed after less than an hour

tsk tsk , my stamina is still the same as ever. just below averageee

THEN DINNER to ore-celebrate my mum's birthday ~ !
coz my bro has tuition tmro nite.

@ Royal Brunei Restaurant, buffet
both my mum and dad got this $50 voucher to eat there or other places which i cant remember.

u'd be surprised that the guys in my family is the slowest to get ready
see all the female members of the fam waiting xD

i was A BIT slow :D

my sis wait till playing her ipad ~

my mum's always the 1st to be ready ~


bro playing his psp.
turns out im quite good at tekken 5 in psp :DDDD

omg my sis has super thick lips!


his usual face when i take picture of him :D

smoky smoky

the theme was Singapore, but i gotta say. not so nice lo the food. plus even more pricier than buffalo steakhouse. AND its already pricy there, but personally (the whole family), we all think eating at buffalo was more worth it and more satisfyingly delicious. hehehe ~

emo hahaha

me evil smiling double chin face!!

although RBR had the chefs singing to every single table. *unique
imagine malay chefs singing chinese song! it was funny and memorable, their pronounciation was good too. wanted them to sing birthday song for the mum. but she was insistent that i didnt :/

they sang 小薇 ~

the song was long so stopped half way through
here's the short ending of the song lol

and then the other chef sang 甜蜜蜜!

funny pic!



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