Saturday, July 10, 2010

its saturday already??

time flies. it really does. especially when u're having fun

yesterdayyy... (friday).... i got back early early in the morning from limbang coz my bro wanna go for his thing in school at 9.30am. so rushhhhh lo. that means cannot meet mick in limbang D:

i've never met mick in limbang before, its gonna be soooo.. er.. interesting. i wanna see her field. my mum said her gramma owns it and is still healthy to handle it. cool.

me grandma is different. she owns a stall in the morning market there, and handles it on her own. but more lazy hahaha now i know where my lazy genes come from! but very cute lo. she used to sleep real early at nite. now, she stays up late till 12am liao. why? watching drama! the even cuter part is that its a taiwanese drama, those popular girly girly ones!!

the reason we went to limbang was to visit my cute old grandma. AND get those i dunno their name!

but here's what i found online

Chut Chut(a kind of cone shaped sea shell that has to be sucked) or raw cockles(despite the risk of Hepatities).

took these during cny this year, ask granmama to take picture then it looked like this. . . . .

then then i ask her to smileeeeee :D

cute kan? lol i look metal-ish

on the way back i slept like a pig, completely. woke up when reached home. lazy-ing and lazy-ing ~ around 11-ish i went online. msn berserked, even ebuddy and meebo :/ not much chit chat there. i had 30+ notifications within a night ~

when i online again later that nite also 30+ notification, feels good inside. that i have so many ppl who leaves msgs for meeee and finds me to chat with :))) eheheh

hmmm... cyuin suggested we go out and out we went!

cyuin's updating real fast nowadays. yay! :D
means no need for me to update hohoho

later at nite :
had a feastful dinner, coz my dad bought a big big huge super fresh fish 石斑 and wanted to go out to eat it ~

there was lobsters, a humongous fishiee and some kailan. enough for up to 9 ppl leehhh ~

when the clock hit 9 . . .

me and me bro went to dee jay to check out the phones. i need a new phoneeeee. cant decide wat to getttt. im a loyal sony ericsson fan but htc works too ~ :/ dunno what to get . . . .

while watching movie, saw an ad on LG Lollipop phone. i only hear a few guys i know wanting that phone O.O

after phone visiting, i went to play pool (again). more ppl this time. more fun. more tables. more games. too bad i didnt force my bro to follow ~

and yea. got back late again :/

and now im awaiting replies for my ULTIMATE plan muahahaha
hopefully it can be executed *pray pray*


guess whooo?

now that i take a closer look hor.... quite alike leh o.o



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