Thursday, July 8, 2010

girls day out. guys night out

tick tock. no pictures. mak's online! lol

GIRLS - cyuin & nisa, mick couldnt make it

- wanted to go Grazie Maurie for dessert, but they close at 2 pm :/
- ECLIPSE!!! FINALLY!!! hey i like watching the twilight saga, but i aint like those fanatic girls lol
- much much love and appreciation to the girls :DDD
- shopping! im back to being shopaholic again hahaha
- bought some face mask, sleepover at my place! :)

the POSSIBLE plan is: groceries shopping, me cooking, hair dying, massage mask try ~ one day. ONE DAY

then then nisa and cyuin had to go back liao ~ :(

since i was in gadong, i went to foo kim seng. been in brunei so long, i've never been in there more or less eat there. just to visit foo though, his lil sister DAMN cute~~~~ hahahaha

it was about the time for them to do some food delivery so i tag along coz i too free. THE FOOD SMELLS AWESOMELY DELICIOUSSSS ~ ! :DD didnt try but i will next time! i got dinner at home maaaa ~

after kacau-ing there. i balik makan.

GUYS - ong & law

another round of pool. JUST ong and law. seemed like such a small group, ong's sis was always around plus their 2 frens. but 3 ppl is fine toooo.
the score of the match today : 2 - 2 - 2. TIE. LOL.

was planning to go back at 10. then while at the counter paying..... guess who i saw?????

SENG WEI lehhhhhh!

super shocked to see him. i was basically screaming his name out loud when i saw him. he paiseh i screamed so loud hahaha aiya never took his picture :/ he got funny hair :)

and so we went on to chit chat. i saw him alone at first, then saw tung lik a distant away. moving closer to the snooker table which is pretty much blocked from where we stood, i see the rest of the guys. almost all of them i guess.

hmmm.. from what i can remember, just listing their names out for fun :
s.wei, lik, e.kee, y.sian, s.ern,, l.yao, lx came later though.

l.yao i see in my campus before! couldnt believe it really was him
lik going to the same campus too. ahhh familiar faces i might see now ~
FYI: my college campus is humongously big that its hard to find ppl :/

SO played pool again with s.wei, lik, lx.
i lost badly to wei.
lik and wei, i cant remember who won @.@ it was kinda a mess
wheeee ~ last game, i beat lx :DDD

feels really good to win! the kiasu-nessssssss taking over ~~~ says he sees me playing pool everyday. WHERE GOT?? *eyes rolling

u'd think im good at pool by now ://////

and so i got back late. BUT earlier than before though :)

home sweet home with hokkien dramas :DD


my stomach muscle hurts, not sure whether its the muscle or not but the stomach area hurts everytime after a visit the gym. and each time i just do a few sit-ups. how is it possible it hurts so bad? :(

heals after a few days though ~

nite time, got bowling plans tmoro ^^

ciao ~

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