Saturday, July 17, 2010

its time

i'll be in kl in T-minus 8 hrs plus plus IF no delay

seriously, feels like one moment im back, the next im leaving, like mick says

its my longest stay here in brunei since i left

and my BEST stay ever. minus the going back home late-ness

and i've totally enjoyed myself

although a few destinations werent possible

i can still leave it to next time hopefully

not sure how i can express my gratitude :/
even to those not aware of the existence of my blog

my family + house here is always the same no matter when i come back

always have the same home-y feeling

but the next time i come back

new house ~ with the family that lovessss me so much, and me them ~~ hehehe

im getting tooooooo wordy nowadays

this is supposed to be short!

3-4 more hours before leaving da house!


1 comment:

Vicky 刘宁 said...

arh didn't know u're going back that soon T.T