Wednesday, July 14, 2010

birthday and bye's

first of all, its after midnite so...


will force her to read this post after calling her hahahah

she's my on and off best friend in college, older than me by lots. but can be childish at times, someone i can always turn to (during diploma), but! got boyfriend liao! no choi me! muahahahhaa


as i speak, heng huat's on his way to Perth now, with his parents. on to the same uni as Pan, UWA~ pan's ecstatic-ly excited to have a company there.

yang, cyuin and me went to send him off ~

ate delifrance for dinner, NOT NICE WAN!!! dun go dun go lol

huat's steak pie doesnt look bad though ~

i forgot to bring the cam memory card (AGAIN!)

so its in the internal memory, WAIT TILL I FIGURE IT OUT! or find the usb



my class is starting on monday, quite soon already.
and half of my plans are not executed yet, so i shouldnt have too high a hope i guess. so when it actually happens... i'll be super happy/glad :D

but so far, i've been enjoying myself in this holiday much more than my previous trip. so glad to have spend it with you all (whoever's still reading my boring blog here)

although a lotta ppl have gone out of the country liao! but some are back, and some are still here who cant wait to leave haha.


OH! and i have this report which im suppose to submit the first week of my class, and i havnt even started. technically, i have a cover page now. that's still something! :D

this report is the reason why i have such a long holiday an extra 3 weeks wuhuhu~

BUT! i rather not though, it made my classes/holidays delayed till 24th DEC 2010 only can i finish the year's course! THAT'S FREAKING LATE LA!! gonna make me miss my cousin's wedding D:

for now, focus on report. might be taking sometime off the blog for THE report.


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