Friday, August 6, 2010

pc fair 2010

my post down there will be delayed till further notice tee-hee ~
its PC Fair 2010 !
Starts today til sunday, go kia kia kua kua if u're in KL :D

these random photos are courtesy of, i could never find time to take pictures there. always SOOOOO crowded and plus walking so much and sooo many stuff to look at, im so mentally lost that i cant really think of anything else, like seriously :D

first of all....... OMG SO CHEAP! THIS AND THAT ALSO I WANT!!!

sadly, i bo lui ~~

every pc fair, sure collect a lotta brochures and flyers from the promoters wan. i got a whole stack leh. imagine all the papers wasted! lol the poor trees

i didnt buy anything although im very much tempted to, say cheap also not very cheap lo. but i DO think i need a new phone. still thinking what to get, my current one is getting laggy-er and starting to have problem with the sound liao :(

ethan influenced me to check out htc..... should i ? Aria's new, should i get that? RM1799 leh! @.@

not really liking the on screen keyboard :/ i predict lotsa typos

i prefer SE, coz im loyal ~

see this : SE Vivaz Pro

SE Xperia Mini Pro

i want a phone with keyboard~~ influenced by elena

makes it sooo much more easier to type, then i can compete with elena's speed with her BB hahaha

xperia mini is KINDA small but still ok eh i guess, converted its like BND450. OMG its so cheap after i converted haha cheaper than my SE W910i last time

the condition of this phone now is.... erm... not good.

at first my bro wanted vivaz pro, but in brunei its too pricy, here in kl is cheaper. but im still thinking, c.yuin saw this and she likes haha :D

aaaaaaanyways, should i get one of these phones OR just get an iTouch and a cheap cheap phone ~~~

nothing is cheap loo and because of that, i headache deciding which i want :?

but pc fair now, better decide before its tooo late

today i travelled there via msia'a SLOWEST train aka KTM then change LRT (fastest) then walk a loooong way to get the KLCC :( on the way back sooo tired lo ~

but when i got back, i dunno why suddenly i semangat cleaned up my room. squeaky clean now, such a good feeling :D i even filed up some of my messy notes and rearranged my room ~

clearing up the unneccessities might take some time :)

so now. i should be doing my assignments and homeworks! surprised i actually HAVE homeworks, 's been long since i last had one tee-hee

ciao ~

note : i see Nigeria visitor! ahhh more familiar visitors from brunei, bsb, PJ and damansara xD

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