Wednesday, January 23, 2008

these past few days

it's been like, 5 days since my last post. time seems to fly when i go online, sigh~ i seem to recall saying that i'll take pictures of me in my uniform with my new friends here. but sadly i couldn't find the time. no, to be exact, i keep forgetting. oops, but hey, i'm being honest here^^

ok, let me recall the events these past few days......
last saturday & sunday no class, so i stayed home, what a good girl i am XP, but then i online that whole day. take note, not good for my health.

monday, i had my 1st restaurant operations class in my waitress uniform. the shirt and vest made me look penguin-like, but they look really nice. but the pants made my butt look big. hate the pants. i have FINALLY learnt the technique of holding 3 ceramic plates with only ONE hand! one hand, i tell ya. and walk smoothly while carrying these heavy plates. yes, they're darn heavy. know that the plates are not stacked on each other. imagine there are food on the plates. there's one between my thumb and index finger. another on my middle and fourth finger. and lastly balance the 3rd plate on my pinky, thumb and wrist. if u can't picture that, never mind. they're so darn heavy, but practice makes perfect. i just might get use to the weight ~~ by then, i'll have a really muscular left arm, hahaha. yup, left hand to carry. right hand to serve.

i've also learnt about cutleries, crockeries, and glasswares. yes, glasses for beer, cocktails, wine, whiskey, shakes, smoothies, etc. cutleries are different kinds of knives, fork and spoons. heard of a fish fork before? well, i've only just heard of it myself. crockeries are plates, teapot, sauce pot, wine bucket, saucer, etc. try picking up a potato with a fork and knife in one hand without damaging the potato. ^^

i rained that day, heavily. and i didn't have an umbrella. so i got back soaking wet. it doesn't feel bad though, fun actually =p

tuesday was more livelier than any of the days. my group of 12 people were in a chaotic mess deciding who should be in which group of 4 for our project. we couldn't decide. so in the end, we cincai pick, haha. i am one of the group leader, wonder why i keep getting these kind of position.... the project is to introduce one of these 3: cutleries, glasswares or crockeries. mine is cutleries, although i am more interested in glassware......

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