Tuesday, January 15, 2008

start of my college classes

to think that taking the course in the diploma in hotel management, i'll be at least away from having to memorize all the stuff like bio, chem, geo and all that complicated things. little did i know what i had coming to me...

for me studying in hospitality, i have to learn all the basics of every subjects - as in tourism, culinary arts and hotel management, of course. in other words, i also have to study geography from tourism, more than a little bit of bio as we have to know about our tongues, taste, enzymes, and such from culinary arts, waitressing, restaurant operations, even the study of wine, there's also computer classes.

what i don't really like is the bio stuff, geography and the computer classes. but i get to use the kitchen and the computer labs, so i'm not really complaining. the classes should be quite easy, according to the lecturers, so as long as u attend their classes. but it's not the reassuring hearing that from them, since they're specialize in their subject. i think i can trust them on that. I THINK.

we baked a butter cake on our first day, my group that is. im in group 3. there are a total of 6 groups in hospitality management, 4 groups in culinary art and only 1 group in tourism. my house mates and other friends i made on orientation were separated into different groups...real sad. well, except for vaniessa. we're separated by the results of our english placement test, which means my english isn't that good to be placed in group 3...but at least i'm exempted from taking english classes XP

we were not expecting to be baking on our first day of our classes. we actually baked cakes. it went well, and our cakes were served to guests! actual guests! the latecomers weren't allowed to bake their own cake, so they either observe or help the others. i was helped out by a nice guy. we all had the chance to taste the cakes in the end. all the cakes went out fine, none burnt. not bad, if i have to say so myself. they taste pretty ok. after the cakes, chef tan had us all analysing different taste of foods. i.e. lemon, lemon zest, bittergourd, nata de coco, crackers, molasses, green apple, salads, even vinegar! omg, and it taste horrible. i had to rinse my mouth, so did everyone else...but overall, it was an interesting class where i got an unforgettable experience. did i mention we were in the main kitchen where the aroma of lasagna and other dishes could be smelt...we couldn't even pay attention =p

the second day was just as any normal day, but it was my first day wearing formal clothes. it felt nice. just a brief introduction to geography in the morning and computer studies in the afternoon. i had lunch at sushi king, first time. which meant i spent more money, RM 15.99. that actually isn't much, but still... i have to stop going out so much, especially out to malls where i'll be able to spend more money... so tomorrow afternoon I'M GONNA STAY IN THE LIBRARY! where no money will leave my wallet, until i pick up my uniforms at 4 in the afternoon. also getting ready for the typhoid inoculations the next day. Well, that's a plan...haha >.>

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