Tuesday, January 15, 2008

one of the amazing quah

i've been in cars driven by many different people, but my cousin is just incredible. his skills are good enough to compare with my sis's! During the times when they're just me and my sis in the car and he's the one driving, he never fails to drive real fast while shouting, make noises, even singing!

it may sound weird, but it's actually quite interesting. he would cut the cars that are speeding which he end up speeding himself, even cutting lorries. LORRIES. He always seemed to be enjoying the whole thing, not that i'm complaining. being in a really fast car can be entertaining. but it's still be very dangerous, because the places where he speeds up are not deserted or empty, but packed with cars of all sorts, half of which are also speeding up real fast. we should all learn to drive slowly and safely, for the sake of our loved ones.

UNLESS you're as skilled as my cousin! then you can drive as fast as u want. there are times when some cars are just faster than him that he'll be like: 'just cut through me lah, im making way for you already' and such. haha.. he's always so sarcastic, hilarious even.. nice to have a cousin like him around. improves life from being such a bore, not that mine is anywhere close to that. i'm not gonna name him....yet. i'll have to ask for his permission. haha xp

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