Thursday, January 31, 2008

my dignity

has went down the drain......
i was LATE for class!!!!! i've never been late for any class, NONE!!! zero, nada!

maybe i'm really gettin a lot of stress from all the assignments given
maybe that's why i couldn't sleep last nite til 4 am
maybe that's why i couldn't wake up at 6.30 am-(class at 8)
maybe that's why i turn my phone on silent-(that's just plain stupid)
maybe that's why i didn't hear my friends' calls-(total to 24)
maybe that's why i was late for my first class in front office
maybe that's why i was late for 2 whole hours.........

i'm class rep, i should be making a good example of myself. and not being late for classes. damn i feel so down. good thing my lecturer very nice, she didn't get angry at me or don't let me into her class.. today's schedule is the busiest ever, with only a 1 hour break. classes ends at 4 pm, and from 4 comes ECA time. joining the student council which means more work. tiring day..

took a quiz online a few days ago, i found out that i'm actually EMO!!


Amilyn said...

get an alarm clock. you can never silence it. HAHAHAHA. late for class pulang. at least you never skip class like someone *ahem* hahahaaa. dont take it too seriously lah. but also dont take it too lightly and start getting used to it!!

collie~ said...

you could have suggested and got me one before you left kl!! T-T