Sunday, January 27, 2008

more orientation stuff

this time it's orientation dinner/night, it was really crowded that night. people are practically fighting for the food. it's a buffet by the way. each tray of food will be emptied in a matter of minutes. i only managed to get a lil bit of this and that. not really a good experience. the lamb shanks were nice though. much better than the beef i had the day before in Santa Ines.

there were singing, dancing, and playing games. if there were anymore things they've done, i wouldn't know any of it. i stayed there just to get some food. XP

i've met a few new faces that day, and found out where the pool/snooker/foosball are located, and stayed there till i wanted to leave. not a bad night for me, i spend my nights being bored anyways. compare to some of the guys i know, they said it was a total waste of time. they even left early, to be expected. i don't know when it ended, but i left at 10. not alone though, accompanied by a friend of mine.

can't believe i've managed to forget taking pictures again that night, haiz~

maybe i should get a camera? or a new phone? hehe =p

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