Thursday, January 17, 2008

another 'exciting' day

i finally got my uniforms! but after getting them yesterday, i was so tired i slept for 14 hours!
ha, what a pig i am....
and yes, if u calculated, the time i started sleeping is at around 7 pm. haha...

and i have to wake up early at 9 am just to get my typhoid inoculation, aka injection. I'm learning how to cook and also cooking foods to be serve to guests, that's why i have to be injected, for safety reasons. i have no classes today, but i had to wake up so early just to get the injection. so troublesome....

i think i really am addicted to internet. i've been online for the WHOLE day. don't believe? ask the others who were online this day, 17th January 2008. i seriously have to control myself on this. don't think i can though, but at least i know what my problem is...(as if that helps).

did i mention that i really like my uniforms? i tried them on just awhile ago, feels great in them. i can't wait to wear it to my classes on monday. in case you're wondering why i'm not wearing it tomorrow. it's because my classes tomorrow has no need of the uniforms, just formal clothings.
i better stop here, till next time! which is really soon xp

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