Saturday, January 12, 2008

after movin in

life here's great so far, except for breakfast and dinner...
haiz~ i have to go out everytime to buy my food, all my money are slowly flying away! ARGH! same for lunch, but i can get that in my college along with my new frens, hehe. i have to get dinner before the sun goes down though, kl aint that as safe as brunei although the security in mentari court's really tight...

other than just food, i've found other things that im missing in my apartment:
- an umbrella, it's only because it's been drizzling here for days that i'd thought of it
- an iron, i'd need that if i were to wear my clothes neatly for my classes (which is definitely not optional)
- clothes hanger, hang my clothes?
- and etc.

it's been days since i moved in. im getting used to my live there now, kinda. i have really nice housemate, that's for sure. there's only 3 at the moment, one's a senior, the other 2 are in the same year as me. but one's in culinary art, the other's in hotel management..just like me!!
'we'll be in the same class, i've found a fren to study with!' or so i thought....

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