Sunday, June 29, 2008

warning: word post

words only. if u're bored by this post, then toooo bad. =)

i wanted to post on what we did on friday, but being lazy as i am. sing yee posted before me in the class blog~ just check out the class blog to see the update for friday

so the pictures can be seen there, coz i lazy upload haha

the pictures i have are all from her anyways, hohoho~

i got a whistle necklace, sunglasses AND 2 cans of temp colour spray~

she summarized the whole trip, no need for me to elaborate any further la

i'll just talk more on saturday

yea, saturday. wanna know who actually came on saturday?

i can even count them with my one hand of fingers

so aaaaaaanyways,

I went to the mall at 12++ pm, supa who couldn't make it suddenly said she's already there. Course i'm happy, if not for her, i'll be alone for the next hour. She had to leave for her dentist appointment at 1.30pm.

So then, only two guys could make it. One of them is mak, we met up at 1 pm. We were actually not sure of what to do since there'll only be the two of us left after supa leaves. So in the end we just stuck to the plan, and watch Get Smart. Funny movie, some parts can just be ridiculously funny hahaha.

After the movie, chuan ho came along. And yea, there was only the 3 of us who went out the whole day. Quite fun to have only a few people going out actually. We tend to split up if we're in too big of a group anyways.

We got bored and couldn't find anything else better to do at the mall, soooo...... we took the bus to kiulap xD my first time taking brunei bus~ hahaha sakai ehh...

The plan was to watch another movie at Seri Q-lap Mall, but then there's nothing showing that we wanna watch. So we ended up walking around kiulap looking for something to do. Then chuan ho suggested eating at Lee Loi Fatt, i missed eating that~

So off we went and ate there. But that's not enough, we actually thought of getting some fun donuts and other snacks, but decided otherwise. hah hah, we DID eat something from KFC though.

Surprising how time just flies by without us doing much stuff. We actually planned to walk back to gadong, and mak keeps complaining about it. Saying it's gonna rain soon, blah blah blah... it could be that he's just lazy to walk haha. while chuan ho and me cincai one.

Guess what i saw? hahaha i saw my car parking just outside kiulap hua ho. i thought my mum was shopping inside hua ho there lo, so we waited there for quite awhile. hoping to get a ride back~

i called home after waiting for a period of time, turns out my mum's back home and my sis was using the car! hah hah hah funny how we waited there for nothing.... wait no, we were also waiting for the bus that would take us back to gadong. mak insisted ma~ hahaha

my sis was busy with her tuition somewhere there, so my mum came to pick me up lu~ and dropped those 2 somewhere at gadong =P

sheesh i'm getting lazy to type. might as well end it here, damn tired also