Thursday, July 3, 2008

early morning~

i woke up REALLY early today lehh~ well.... in my terms of early la... haha

so i thought of blogging up about yesterday..

yesterday was... FUN~ xD

i almost wore my sister's MD uniform to visit the peeps in MD~!!

i didn't la.. coz my mum was KINDA mad when i showed her...
so i changed into my normal casual clothes luu~

sorry i didn't take a picture of me in it .. but i curi this from jasmine:

muahahahha xD
laugh all u want!!

i keep forgetting to take pictures + my phone punya camera mati liao T-T
view jasmine's blog for more pictures~ *free advertising*

i reached MD at 11.53 am, tak nampak sing yee... since all the people i see are almost all the same. u know, with either baju kurung and tudung or white shirt and long black pants, i couldn't really tell who's who from far laaa~

so i stood there waiting. then after a minute nia, grace walked past me, turned around and went 'COLLIEEEEEE!!!'

haha she's always so funny~ then she pulled me to where crystal and mark are. crystal is always ever so cheerful and smiling all the time. ah, she also shouted my name when she saw me.

aint it fun to have people shouting your name when they finally see you after 7 months? xD

we chit chat there, and the clock strikes 12

that's when more people started showing up, MOST people have their classes over at 12. hmmmm.... the people i saw in MD ah... and in their full uniform... i saw grace, crystal and mak of course... then chai, hui chian, pin jia, winnie, daniel, tung lik, chia yuin... the girls all look so different~ in their tudung, haha the guys leh... same as always la.

THEN yoke khee, chai eng, sing yee, supa, ah tiong and nisa arrives... HAHAHA i have no idea why i keep laughing at tiong, she just looks SO funny... and nisa? she looks the MOST NATURAL hahaha xD at the canteen i saw cheow wei, she looks the same as always xD

MD so sexist one... guys at one side girls at other, everywhere also like that, so sad la....


skipping to the mall, i went there directly after my visit in MD.

first person i saw..... mak!
2nd & 3rd: henry and freddie
they let their hair grow, is that the fashion now in miri? xD

FINALLY saw seng wei after....what? 7 months? haha same as everyone else la~

sw's hair ahh.. damn messy la! hahaha i keep laughing at it *innocent smile*

and chuan ho keeps saying his hair growth unbalance one, more hair grows on one side compared to the other. hahaha xD *another innocent smile*

we spent most of the time at the k box in the arcade, never knew chai can sing ehh! really... chia yuin can also, if only she would sing louder... jasmine sure everyone knows about her la...

at first winnie and pinjia also k-ing, but in the end left the four of us nia. found the others at the food court chit chat-ing. that's when i wore th tudung hohoho~

the ppl left one by one and then.... me & chia yuin got hungry, lepas tu kami pegi thien thien makan nasi ayam. haha i even went to capers with my family after eating a chicken rice! hahaha big appetite lehh?!?! hahah xD i ate A LOT mmhmm~

my weight still not more than 50 kg ! *proud*
since i eat sooooo much, it's a wonder how it still hasn't got up to 50 yet... =D

note to self: take more pictures, for memories~