Monday, June 23, 2008

i'm back~

for those who still doesn't know.....


ever since last night at 8 pm ++

oookay, there are things that a lotta people should know:

soooo... i think, i lost my brunei line. at first i thought my sis took it, but now i can officially announce that it's lost.... so don't bother calling/texting my brunei line. you CAN find me still with my malaysia line though, for those who do have that number. but check your credit balance before and after contacting me, coz i don't know how much it costs. might be a lot... =P

today oh yea, monday. so that means my mum went to miri, which is why i'm posting right now at this hour, I'M SO BORED NOW! let's go out la~ i think my sis is already at the mall anyways. i seriously don't mind walking to the mall loh, ain't that far from what i can recall.

ok la, nevermind la~ later baru plan la~

so, tuesday.. i won't be in brunei in the morning and noon. plus, i'll be busy at that night too. it's my daddy's birthday~ =D OMG la, u guys were planning the sleepove on that night lehhhh!!!!

hahahaha timing so beh ngam one~ i might just as well miss it lorrr~~

by the way, i'm seeing that a few people are noticing that i've been preeeeeeeeeeetty busy the last passing week. Why? coz i have my finals during the week before my holidays lorr~

whole week of stress before a relaxing two weeks of holidays, hohoho~

that, AND my internet was down ever since the start of my exams. what great timing! kinda true, i could focus more on studying and not procrastinate with the internet, although i can still find ways to do so xD

later baru post again la, aku lapar sudah. pi makan dulu, cya