Thursday, June 5, 2008

I feel SO so SO so SICK!!!!

sore throat, runny nose, light-headed, losing my voice (a bit nia), COUGHING, feeling so so weak...... *koff*koff* i'm seeing rainbows~~

eat strepsils, drink warm water.. cannot eat fried food, anything iced or cold.. drink lotsa water.. rest early.. i just woke up by the way, went to bed... at 6 pm just now. i was told to sleep for 10 hours though... i'll be back in bed later~~

i scared myself to sleep.. why? got heavy thunder and lightning, all going *brrruumm*bruummmmm* *BRRUUUUMMMMMM* BUOOM!*
and the heavy rain keeps splashing onto the window
*splish*splash* piak*biak*pak*


i had 2 assessments today, and i'm feeling this sick... both assessments goes in the sequence of 2-by-2. i was one of the first 2 to take both of the assessments, LUCKY me! scored 25/45 for bed-making, WHAT THE HELL?!?!? soooooo low T-T highest scorer in my group is hee with 40/45. ish~ ¬.¬ so unfair........................................

other assessment is role-playing for front office, i THINK i did okay... i forgot to mention room rate AT ALL, and i didn't GUARANTEED the room nia ma.... i shall use me being sick as an excuse to say 'Despite me being sick, I did quite oookaay laaaa' xD


one more thing... remember me being best overall assessment for term 1 2008? the best student thing and all... waddaya know? it's by mistake that i got it after all... SWT haha. the problem is that our geography lecturer for the last term didn't even KEY in MOST of the student's assignment score. which is why soooo many people got really really low marks for that subject. me? mine was keyed in, that's why i got the cert and letter for being the 'top-scorer'. a lotta people even told me to LAN CI while i still can xD what la...

imma post up lotsa pictures in my next post, maybe in the weekends. i have ASSIGNMENTS to finish up within this 2 days, aaaaaaahhhhhhhhhh. peace-out