Tuesday, June 10, 2008

Fest Court Métrage de Taylors 2008

translated: it's the HIV/AIDS short film fest

T-T my group didn't win any award......

i think we had the shortest film though, if there's an award for that... confirm we can win that hahahaha

these are the posters

and these are when they're hung up in the auditorium


this is the lecturer in charge of the whole event, Mr Adrian xD

the one with me in the picture is shan


this picture reminds me of chuirou lehh


one word for this picture:


this, i was caught off guard

that guy at the side is kenny

shan's the one taking all the pictures above, there were only a few people there anyways. i just so happened to be around when she's playing with the camera.

i wasn't in the mood to take pictures during the event... so no more pictures liao~

maybe i could grab some from the others.....

i'm betting i'll be too lazy to even remember XD