Tuesday, June 24, 2008

westin visit.........finally!

i finally received the pictures when we took for the trip to The Westin Hotel~

and yes, this hotel is one of the hotels i chose to work in for my 1st industrial training

and here they are:

our 'family portrait'

hehe xD

alvin, yin and i think that's me

this picture just looks funny hahaha

and dark

jean plus the

the 2 bodyguards


ian and byron acting cool

executive living room, if i'm not mistaken...

i'm the only one who's clear lehh~


we were looking through the stuff in the bar ever so attentively~

<--- what do you see here? xD

a closer look at the snacks in the mini bar~

executive lounge lehh, nice or not?

standing on the 2nd floor of the chairman suite

chairman suite living room, most expensive room ah~

even a jacuzzi's included

with a tv installed~!


moving on to lunch~

russell tagged along with us, he just loves to have fun...

haha we just love taking pictures~

'pizza at everyday prices'

i actually have more pictures, but chose a few out only since uploading a lotta pictures is a nuisance haha.

getting lazy to blog lu~~