Tuesday, June 24, 2008

3 am in the morning

just wished my daddy happy birthday~

getting old lorr~ xD

he'll be disappointed if he finds out that i'm still awake and blogging here haha xD
i dont think he'll be seeing this at all though~ muahahahah *evil*

so the plan for today:

- wake up some time early in the morning

- get to limbang to renew passport

- MIGHT get a haircut there, or should i go to kathy chai's? hmmmm... my fringe has reached my lips already, reeeeeeeeeeeeeeeally long now hahaha

- visit my granpapa & granmama most probably

- kill a few hours time by shopping etc etc not that there's much to do xP

- be back in time to celebrate my daddy's birthday latest in the evening, yay~!

possibly head over to the party after that? nahhh, that's pretty impossible for me

besides, feels wrong to bail on my dad's birthday and furthermore, my family~ ohoho

i'm getting sleepy now.... gonna stop here~

darn, no pictures........