Saturday, June 14, 2008

distraction from studying

i've been hanging out in the student lounge a lot lately, so i took a few pictures to ease my boredom. not that it's boring there.

the new computers that taylor's added in the student lounge because there just weren't enough lol~

these are the older ones... i can even count them with my fingers hahaha

that small machine there is the printer for the students' use. FOC? no way

the view of annexe from the student lounge


it's been months since my group last had pastry class

we have kitchen class once a month, and since on the day of our last class was a holiday (wesak day) it's been TWO months since we had the class.

name of pastry:


other pastry we were making is called mille-feuille

the holes are for the dough to not crack when baking

placing this on top prevents the dough from curling up

waiting for the pastry to bake.....

fresh from the oven, vol-au-vent~


aiya, forgot to take the picture of the end product.

with added canadian blueberry syrup, whipped cream and cream inside the product.

and mille-feuille

and this is mille-feuille when cut, and mango and cream is added, yummy~~

I'd better go study now.......