Friday, April 25, 2008

O.o shock...


i got the overall best result in my term 1, for DH 29 only lah~
sis, if you're reading this, ask mama and papa to check this out:

don't you feel proud? x)

click on the picture if you can't see.

'Best Overall Student - January 2008 Assessment'

Diploma in Hospitality Management

dunno where to find a scanner in college, so i just simply took a picture of the paper as evidence to show that i'm not lying. IM NOT LAN SI OR KUAI LAN, i just wanna show my parents, especially my dad who paid so much for me to study in taylors. nowadays, when he sees me, first thing that comes to his mind is money. money to pay for my term fee, rent, living expenses..etc. they could be sum up to become QUITE an amount of money.

i was shocked when diana told me she saw my name in the list of best result achievers. she even asked me if there's any other person who has the name 'collie' in DH 29. apparently, i think i'm the only one. unbelievable leh.... since my results in high school was always in the bottom 10. this could be the first time i got 'best' in anything.... is it possible they made a mistake?
here's my result for term 1, excluding geography:

Computer Studies 19.8
Kitchen Op. 1 19.02
Business of Tourism & Hospitality 15.2
Food & Beverage Op. 1-D 16.72
Room Division Op. 1-D 17.7

Global Average: 17.69

i did study for geo though, maybe i got a really high mark for that? 17+ is kinda low for the best.... once again, i'm not showing off. i locked my student ID in my locker and when i got it back, it was already too late to collect my results. so i dunno how much i scored for geo.....yet. i'll definitely get it on monday, office closed for weekends.

i had a sleepover at elena's again and...because al thought he was suppose to pick me up from mentari, so.......
we were late for 10 minutes, which is not so bad....
so we didn't take the test to see if one has to take accounts remedial class. heh heh heh. i don't need to take them~~ since i took accounts before, it's okay la~ i hope. worse come to worst, i can go attend the remedial classes if i don't understand x)


during Mr Adrian's class, my hands got a bit bored so i started drawing the cow mick drew last time. then ivan asked me to draw a pig like that, which ended up becoming this:

cow vs pig x)

this cow's from al's hp theme

mick's cow without the egg

could be an egg or poop, which goes *ploop*

fativan's idea: sheep

david's request: platypus

jean asked for a horse.... what do you think this is? xP

a rat?

creepy cat haha xD

raccoon! fat

camel! also fat

they all look alike, don't they? all fattened by me! hahaha


OMG! my nails are so dangerous.... i accidentally scratched kevin's face, missed a black spot he has by a few millimeters. at first, it looked fine. then slowly getting red. after that, blood actually started coming out. i am so sorry for hurting him =(

got him a plaster

he's only making that face, because i'm taking the picture~

vann's idea: write/draw something on the plaster.

and here's the end product:

hahahahah SEXY~! xP


orientation night for the march intake
theme: the pink thing

a group of us went there at 10pm, after going to sunway for a movie and playing at the arcade. we jumped up and down when the bands are singing, danced when the dance floor was open. russell was sweating pretty badly, Mr. G was mc for this orientation again. last song, flo rida - low

it ended around 12.30 am. and we went to Asian Cafe for supper. as for pictures, i think there were a few taken during the dance. i don't have them though~ someone actually brought octopus and clown hats xD



can you see what's wrong with the 2 locks? xD

cupcakes!! nicely done, they look so real~


Amilyn said...

yes, i am reading. HAHA well done, money not wasted ah! there's always room for improvement tho. 17.69. surely can do better right? hahahaha

collie~ said...

i already said that's not the final average kan? haven't include geography ma~~ i have a feeling my 2nd term will be A LOT harder though....

Anonymous said...
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CountDavid said...

lol show off!!!!
we proud of ya.. ^^