Tuesday, April 29, 2008

assignment updates

wow decreasing number of posts every month~

i should post more often then

i found good news and bad news:

good news: for this term i have 3 projects only
compared to last month's, which was 7... this is great!

as for bad news: they're all major projects
bummers.. when you think you can relax a bit. but then this IS term 2, supposedly it should be harder. our assessments increased by a bunch though. cooking AND serving will be graded. our first time wasn't, SO relieved to hear that.

i'm manager for our 2nd serving! and it's next wednesday... here's where my responsibility should kick in, wonder why it still isn't. hmmmmmmmmmm....
note to self, thing's to be ready before next week:
- menu
- centre piece
- restaurant forms

- blazer
- etc

the 3 projects are:

Moral Studies Mr Adrian
Making a video ad on HIV/AIDS
status: idea planned, shooting starts monday
my position: undecided

Thinking Skills Mr Adrian
Persuading the lecturer to buy our tap water. yesh, tap water in a bottle
status: plan A is out, gonna discuss with Mr Adrian
my position: leader (T-T i don't want..... not gonna complain though)

Professional Activities Ms Ruth
Learn and organize an event to be held in our campus
status: all positions are decided, topic and teams are out. still planning..
my position: secretary (can you imagine? haha)

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