Sunday, April 20, 2008

my locker is opened!

yes my locker has been OPENED!


the kakak guarding at the lockers area helped me BREAK the lock

yes! my lock has been broken, my locker is opened and i didn't spent RM 20 for it ^^

i won't be buying a new lock though, i'll just use back the original OLD lock that was provided by taylor's. i'll just go duplicate a new key as back-up so the next time i lose the key, i don't have to inform the program office to get it open and spend unnecessary expenses~

you'll wonder how i lasted these few days with my wallet, ic, student id, atm card, money, notes, stationery, schedule, class fund, shoes, locker keys, house keys, tourism textbook, etc...excluding my handphone... all inside my locker while it was locked. heh heh heh....i have my ways~

1 comment:

Amilyn said...

OMG it's "helped me BREAK the lock" laaaa!!! your grammar so shitty.