Monday, April 14, 2008

sleepover at elena's

i've spent my weekend at her place, connection there sucks wasn't so good xP

some people may have noticed me continuously signing in and out saturday night OR me totally appearing offline =P

dinner was McD's fries, burger and some tanghoon that elena's bro made. she said she helped to slice up the onions....
i spent two nights there, my class on monday is at 11 am so i had time to go back early in the morning.

for these two nights, elena was rushing to finish her group assignment. although she's in her holiday, she still has LAN class a.k.a. malaysian studies. i DID try to not bother her when she's doing her work~ i'll be taking that subject soon too T-T

we went to subang parade on sunday, lunch was kenny rogers. yummy~~

we walked around the whole place, i bought a few stuff and then it was already 6 pm. time flies~~
so we bought dinner (nasi kandar) and went back. we were still so full from kenny rogers that we only ate it at 11 pm haha. i was at her place for 2 days and 2 nights but i didn't even see her bro for more than 2 seconds, wow~ haha

we took some pictures while we were at kenny rogers, think elena's gna post it up in the class blog soon.

i'm still adjusting my pictures from genting to blog up. although i already uploaded them in my facebook~ they cannot be viewed without a facebook account though...

i even brought colliver over to her place, still so huggable~
elena's bed is comfy, and king size.
so it's not incorrect to say that i slept with her right? haha xD

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