Tuesday, April 15, 2008

oh my god!!

how the hell did i leave my locker key INSIDE my locker?!?!

i got commis today...which i totally forgot till vann reminded me hahahahah

the chef im commis for is called LAL i think he's indian, hmmmm....

today's menu:
appetizer - consomme (clear soup with a dumpling in the middle)(wantan la)
main course - lamb shank (DAMN DELISH!!!)
dessert - pudding with raisins (love the pudding, not the raisins)(caleb does)

not sure if i was helpful at all..... all i did was chop chop chop and more chopping on the vegetables....................

can't say i learnt a lot, but i've learnt quite a few new things. beste did more, he was deboning the lamb shank..woooow~

the only picture i took when we're taking a break, guess who that is...haha xD

asked to commis again next week, haiz~~ busy busy

did i mention that the lamb shanks were DELICIOUS?

the best thing about being commis is the food that we eat after everything we went through, including cleaning up the whole place. the good food makes it all worthwhile~ but then if the chef you're commis-ing for is not so good then.....too bad haha xD

after cleaning up and all the delicious food and on my way to locker.....

it was only when i reached my locker that i realized......the key to my locker is locked inside the locker!! >.>
*flashback* i threw my student id, along with the keys into the locker. sigh.
my money, my id, my bag, my notes, my pens, my notebooks, my file, my shoes etc.... are all in there now.... at least caleb was being nice and belanja me a drink haha xD


from last week

last monday's pastry class

i forgot...apple pie?

anne and hee

last tuesday's applied tech for kitchen

that's a sole, fish. I HATE fish, my fish last week (sea bass) was disastrous. my station didn't make good time, and the fish skins came off. got stuck on the pan. the pan wasn't hot enough, and oil was kinda forgotten. overall....not bad lah i think, i KNOW i could do better than that. i just know it

random taken pictures

sunway pyramid

cute leh~

someone broke the hook T-T
hope i get the replacement soon~

first time serving guests tomorrow, kinda excited. but mr. tay boon changed me and john's 4 guests to 6 embassy. that sorta puts a lotta pressure on me...... they sound important although he said there's nothing to worry about... that really doesn't help much, expecially having it come from him.....gonna do my best tomorrow~~

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