Wednesday, December 31, 2008

Last Post for 2008

Hmmm.... being the last post of the year and all... I dun feel much or any different though, embracing a new year and all that.. I just dont feel the enthusiasm, since i'm not in any active parties happening as of now ~

But then I feel ok and fine... o.O weird.... haha

Maybe I'm just used to it already...
Whoa, i sound emo "=_=

Not much I have to add in this post, i guess..

Going shopping at Times Square again, this time really shopping haha
Which means the previous plan for Sungai Wang change to Times Square..

I'll just get along with the new year season greeting ~

Omg! This lil doggy decribes exactly how my mood is right now! =P


YEAR 2009 ~ !!!

new year wishes? I'd rather keep them in my head and have them all granted with my own hands =) Not that i don't wanna share, as ridiculous as it may sound =P

a very interesting picture I found with hehe

I'm really looking forward to tomorrow ^^
Hope tonight passes fast ~