Saturday, December 27, 2008

gettin more events~

i woke up at 1 pm, and slept like a pig as usual
thinking there'll be no plans to go out as usual

i woke up when my bro came up to ask whether i wanna go 游山水, directly translating meaning goin to swim in the mountain river

and i did! 2nd time swimming~ long time since i last went to anywhere to swim at all... it's been 3 years i think, i think it was SARS which caused that.... hahaha then i got lazy to swim at all.. woot! put all the blame on SARS mua-ha-ha

the previous swimming session as at Sungai Petani there, a water theme park, The Carnivall. quite fun there, its like a mini Sunway Lagoon, less perks of course

swimming at the mountains there was quite fun too. we swam at a small reachable section of the river. we didnt get to the main place where most people would go though, an uncle was nice enough to warn my mum about a kaleng who was drinking there, ask us to be careful la~

i didnt if he was telling the truth or not la, but my mummy didnt wanna take any chances, since my lil niece, Yoyo and nephew, Jason were both there, including my lil sis DiDi too. oh damn! we didnt take ANY photos...... T-T i got a picture for reference though haha

cute, arent they? =)

kids are always gonna fussy and demanding, but they're fun & its quite enjoyable to be around when ya know how to handle them hehe =D

After that my dad brought us kids to Sushi King ~

Spent RM149!! with the Sushi king member card.... WOW~

i have enjoyed the meal but wat my bro and cousins ate were ridiculous "=.=

and oh yea... tomorrow, im goin to genting highland with my family~
via bus, for the 1st time, with my family i mean..
we usually just drive us there, but the car has a few problems so... figures~
i dun mind taking the bus la, but... never mind~ haha

i gotta get back to my DEAREST book

so ciao~