Saturday, December 13, 2008

movies movies movies!!!

sounded like i've watched a lotta movies recently....
haha which i didn't! xP

2 only nia la~
the long waited Twilight & Bolt~


i cant believe i waited SOOOOO long before i finally watch this movie!

the male lead was KINDA disappointing, coz i was expecting someone more charming than Robert Pattinson, although there are scenes which made him looked.... nice... =P

i read the book like MONTHS ago, and couldn't wait for the next book. but then i got stuck there anyways coz the book was borrowed from a senior of mine, and it slowly drifted off my mind after i returned it.

the cover isn't really inviting, now is it? it creeped me out at first, but after reading the book.. i simply love it! =D

hope my sis buys the whole series soon~ xP
but then i can still borrow from others =P

i dont miss any movies that involves DOGS!!
the ones that i know of at least...

and Bolt is such a cute movie~
too bad i didnt watch it in 3D though,
maybe sometime later.... hmmmmm =P

i enjoyed watching this~ and bolt is SOOOO CUTE when he's a lil puppy~~~!! plus the cute and yet annoying hamster Rhino and the cute kitty Mittens. Wait..there are those stupid and funny pigeons! HAHAHAHA!!!

AND i aint missing the other dog movies:

Beverly Hills chee' WOW wa

and ze Hotels for Dogs~

i just cant get enough of these dog movies, hehe ^-^

my god it's getting late...