Tuesday, December 16, 2008

laziness taking over!

i HAVE pictures to upload....

sadly it involves me standing up and leaving to get my card reader or USB cable to transfer the pictures from my phone, and that, would result me in not wanting to post anymore so.... go figure

have i mentioned im in kl now?
or did i.....?

anyways, im in my relative's place and supposedly my next term starts at Jan 5.....
WHICH means i cant go back to BRUNEI!!!! as boring as it is some people may say, i still miss home.... T-T and the lil doggie my sis has there, Cookie~

and speaking of dogs~

aint it just simply adorable!?!? took it from google xP

and this one here's a collie puppy~ ^^

i even got kitties in teacups!


how random can this post get? >.>

i better stop.....=P haha