Saturday, December 13, 2008


hmmm.... and that's to vicky and nish....

for totally forgetting about the tag thing...
i dont even know which tag i got tagged! i dont see my name anyways, so...
im gonna replace it with the less troublesome tag i saw in pin jia's blog xD

All u gotta do is type ur name down with ur elbow.. =D

c olklkie4 quahnbj ygthewn tjkikn gv

OOOoooooo... sounds foreign if it's readable.. i even have a number in my name! haha


Which reminds me, a cousin of mine says that this picture of me and my sis look a lot alike.. Comments?

click on it if its too small to see~



concerning what jeanette said in my cbox....

i like the wind effect in this picture =D

the 1st one i dug out from my files xD

lazy to get more..... haha

and lazy to type anymore....

so ciao~