Tuesday, August 19, 2008

a smart conversation =)

this is something REALLY smart that i wanna share with everyone...

elena says: hey, can you call me tmro morning?
collie says: now u go sleep
collie says: yea
elena says: rmbr oh, after you forget
collie says: if i remember that is
collie says: remind me to wake u up la
elena says: write in phone?
elena says: you want me to wake up at 6 and msg you, collie, pls wake me up at 630, thanks
collie says: yeap
elena says: hahahaha
collie says: HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAH!!!!!!!!
elena says: write in your phone man!
elena says: thanks
elena says: hahaha
collie says: okok fine fine


i cant get the pictures into the computer, may take a longer while to post them up...

so patience... hehehe