Wednesday, August 13, 2008


fire at taylor's parking at block A1 level P3......

heh heh heh a car somehow exploded and burst into flames there, i heard there was a second one after a few hours. im pretty lazy to write in the details so check out david's blog =D

i got some pictures though~

here is ze smoke which caught everyone's attention
it REALLY scared jackie and alvin coz both their cars were parked there xP

above are ze evacuated people of taylor's. either that or the people who are too busybody hahaha

it was pretty late when they could actually go drive out their cars from the car park. look at ze pitch black picture.... that's how the place looked when i went down there to get jackie's car. you can see that the place has been flooded. can see the reflection of the light on the water =D
LUCKY it was not his car, but it was quite close... within 150 metres hahaha

huhuhu first time in this whole year for something like this to happen....
bright side: 2 hours of Mr Lim's class, POMD.... bye bye~

lol next post is gna be bout my day on last wednesday, mostly pictures nia~

which reminds me, i took this picture some time today....

it looked better in real life laa~ =)