Wednesday, August 6, 2008


this post here's on the service last wednesday~


jeanette is our manager that day, service that day was quite ok la. no complaints were received, good news to the manager. and she did a very good job that day, except for the cancellation of reservations for the so-called VIP guests and servers who were missing in action.

first time i actually took pictures of us having f&b service practical~ hahaha im so happy.... xP

preparing to line up for grooming check up

all these pictures onwards are AFTER service~

our boss and vanniessa

boss, anne and shin

all smiling ever so happily~

haha everyone so happy after service xD

this is john

vann, me, shin and basket =)

ethan looks a bit tired, no?

ian was kinda sick that day, poor him. he's the bartender some more, i aint lookin forward to being the bartender no more.....

me and yvonne~

hehe i like our penguin suits xD


we had different class with the other groups, so here's group 1 after their room divisions class.

kevin, sonia and jackie's here

check out their pose hahaha






hahahahha didn't manage to get to 10 though sooo sad hehehe

the bell boy and me looking VERY tall xD

sonia like playing with her tongue hahaha

jackie and andrew here HAHAHA!

i heard someone say andrew had the most pinch-able face xDDD

cute and funny picture =)

i have more posts coming up hehehe see if i have the time.....