Saturday, August 30, 2008

beryl's chocolate factory visit

and i always take this long to update my blog xD

and so our transport there is by bus....

we've reached and esther's VERY happy to have arrived~

kevin's here giving that creepy face.... haha

these two again with the same pose

and half of kevin's face xD

windy~~ see cole there hahaha

kevin just happpened to have jumped in at the right time and right position=D


bad hair day for jackie

nothing else in particular


chef tan looking all so serious haha

i take up, ashley take down

never got the picture from her...

at the room where we saw the ppt presentation

the tour ended and no pictures were allowed in the factory, so since im such a good girl... i didn't take any =P

so the tour ended and we were outside taking pictures while waiting for the bus.....

our lecturer rockss hahaha

niceeee picture hehehe

another one from another angle, with the sunglasses shift to ashley

you can see sonia COMPLETELY listening to chef tan.... and cole looks like she's about to punch him hahahahahaha

the blur monkey , happy mafia & weird chef promoting beryl's hahahaha

group photo take 1

take 2

take 3

take 4

take 5

we like taking pictures maaa~

ashley jumping out when i took my phone up

back in the bus, on the way back.....

lala pose and sonia not prepared hahaha


chocolates for moi~

HAHAHAHAHAH farney face... with ms ruth and chef tan as background xD

jackie~ and the poser with the yeng pose AGAIN