Wednesday, August 6, 2008

a hah hah!

check post below 'beware' =)

when i say wednesday, i didn't mention the exact date. which means i could be talking bout ANY wednesday hahahahah. so im posting this here on a wednesday. aren't i smart, mick? (no need to answer that hahaha)

oooookay so here's one of the split part of the REALLY long post...

this one's on the many trips to pyramid i had these few times with my group of college buddies

first batch of pictures are with byron and ivan, goin to tgv to watch hellboy 2.
funny movie, compared to the 1st movie. and i think it's better than the 1st one =)

tgv entrance in sunway pyramid

look at the long queue O.o lucky byron has a friend working here....

gettin pop corn!!

hehehe byron here

look at what im pointing at.... deng deng...

see the guy playing the piano there? pro la him...

and the flower decos

hahahaha funny!

ivan pushing byron.... why already ah?

this is the other time i went to pyramid with these 2...

very nice shine hahaha especially when both of the lights are exactly on the spot where their lips are xD


this time is with yvonne, andrew and jackie~~

this is andrew, not the andrew from brunei

and he looks very innocent here x)

AND this one's the time when i went there with sonia, cole, yin, yvonne and jackie~

always vaining in the lift where there are mirrors everywhere hehehe

more here, sonia kena blocked xD

now sonia kena squished by yin and me hahaha

their 'yeng' pose

yvonne & me~

peace! with yin

peace! with jackie~

peace! with me (lookin mean xD)

peace! with yvonne

. . . . . .

hahaha cute

cole started hugging the mirror before we start taking group pictures hehehe

mana yvonne ah? sonia kena squished again! hahhaha!

i see yvonne AND sonia liao hahahah
yvonne's focusing more on her phone though =(

more pictures with another mirror, just right outside the lift~

zoomed in closer~ cole, sonia & me
jackie, yin and yvonne right at the back haha

cole and yin in the car


with similar group, except for cole (not there) but alvin is...

see yin and yvonne at the back so funny xD

alvin's head can be seen behind me hehehe
yin still very funny there...

yeeeeeeer, so blur wan.... ok la, can see la...

sonia looks like a man here xDD

so ngam the lift door opened and blocked half of yin's face =(

cannot see me coz im too short >.>
no more space in the picture for me hahahaha
jackie, sonia & yin

sure we're gna have more visits to pyramid, till then i'll post up more pics muahahahahha =)