Monday, August 11, 2008



44 pictures in this entry HAHAHA! that really is a lot, but i wanted to put up each and every one of them =)

Italian Restaurant~

so anyways, the 1st time working in michealangelo's and this is my 2nd time working. im happy~~ i just received my pay a few days ago though, a total of RM 110.50~~ my 2 days, 17 hours of hard work =D and i didn't waste that precious money making time sitting in front of my laptop doing unfruitful stuff~ (which i do most of my weekends =P)

the people who were supposed to work there were... me, jackie, yvonne and vann. but with troubles like this and that, they only wanted 3 more people, which in the end, were us 3 girls. and jackie's excluded =(

we reached at 2 pm. clueless and lost. haha. talk here, talk there, we got our uniforms (which i REALLY absolutely love) and we're separated. i was to stay in the restaurant where as yvonne & vann were gonna help at the function. a 1-week Watch (jam tangan xD) function at pavilion. Jaeger le Coultre, heard of it before? x)

working in the restaurant was fun~ i kept asking the regular workers on what to do though, i AM basically very clueless about everything in the restaurant. particularly jon, who was suppose to be looking after me... he's the fun-going kinda person and loves joking around, and coz of what he taught me.... i DROPPED my tray of coffee cups T-T.... RIGHT in front of the big boss ahhh!! only once though.... heh heh heh?

i've learnt a lotta fun stuff there and how this particular restaurant works~ =) aaanyways, 5 pm came and i moved to the function. a number of juniors from Taylor's also came around that time.

so finally moving on to the pictures.... hahaha

here's vince
(so called prince)

a very syiock sendiri kinda guy
fun too


here's me~ im still loving the uniform~

'Michealangelo's' right at the side of the apron, so nice~~

oh ya! and ming foong was there too, under friend's recommendation though.

he's from the same batch and course as me in Taylor's, but in group 6

champagne flutes

stem of the flutes

hahaha xD

very wu liao of me~

not slacking off laa...

having break maa

take pictures laa~


a clearer picture of me and ming foong (rabbit teeth xD)

here's yvonne and yours truly

then with the ever so happy vann

hahahah! they both look so funny here xDD

this is yus, one of the regular chefs workin in MA's. funny guy la...

yus, me and this other chef which i didn't get the name =P


this guy i'm pointing at is our boss, the man in charge haha. he's jack, and real nice

vince here's having a fun time pouring the red wine~

AND here's one of the security guards, damn i forgot his name >.>
he kept us entertained when we were bored...

hahaha, what do you see? X)

meet joanna, she looks SOOOO much like andrew, andrew ang. not the andrew koay who's a chms graduate. hehe

innocent look? xD

here's a cute picture of her and yvonne =)

and another one =D

i was er.... showing my uniform? hahaha i look like i'm
about to attack the camera person xDD

here's the other security guy...

they're all very funny people =)

another free ad! xD



for more information, pls go to

a closer look at our boss, jack. he's tired haha

another security guard, looking very stuck up hahahahaha xD

end of my first day of work.... saturday....


2nd day - sunday

this is how yus is like when he's preparing the food xP

the fella which i don't know the name....

me & yvonne, real tired after working for 2 whole days~

with vann at the back haha

oooookay.... we look pissed xP

hahahahha funny picture! can see double chin! o.O

the other more quiet SeQ haha

hanging around talking, since work is finally over~

the girl there is chrystal, i remembered her name X)

*zoomed in*

zoomed to the right, you can see this happy boy sitting there xD i remember his name too! it's tse sang hahahaha

we all changed and went back to the restaurant...

jackie came to pick me and yvonne up from work, soooo nice of him~~

waiting for someone to tell us what to do....
and where to get our pay check x)

vaniessa chit with her nokia n95 huhu

chrystal playing with her phone

sue chilis, her name damn chun ehh hahaha

tse sang here and chrystal are a couple~


yvonne looking annoyed....

er..... what was i doing again? hmmmm......
oh ya! waiting for my moneh hahaha


turns out we couldnt get the pay on that day,
so we went back home empty handed T-T

fun experience. fun place. fun people. i don't mind going back there to work =)

there's another banquet at KLCC and i'm going~
it's at 17 August 08 Sunday

hehehe.. hope i'll be done with my next post soon xP