Sunday, July 6, 2008

my weekend before term 3

back in kl at friday night....
so my weekend is reeeeeeeeally kinda boring, but i always find things to do.... and this is what i did this time ~ ~

dont they just look like a family? =D
you'll wonder how i sleep with all these on my bed haha

introducing my phone into the family ~

sshhhh... someone's on the phone haha

btw the BIG bear is my bday present ~
nice to hug and gentle to the touch ~



everything WHITE

first off, my precious pure white VAIO ~

and of course my cute lil mouse my sis got me

can see chia yuin and hui zhen's pic in the screen haha

my mouse is still there =P

this cute lil white fox i got from nisa ~

it's also so nice to touch ~

it's a phone strap by the way

i've completely the white side of my rubik's cube hahaha . . . only . . .

my dad went to miri and came back with these branded pens and a watch from harvard polo club

the pen i got is pearl white, haha white . . .

(zoomed in)

the watch isn't white though =P

i googled harvard polo club watch... the first thing that popped out was harvard uni's polo club hahahahaha xD

this.... is the shades i bought that day ~

chia yuin bought a pair too

and here's us in them:

haha TRYING to look cool xD

chia yuin borrowed her shades to her drink


sooooo cute hahaha xP

oookay, so not everything's white.. haha

but at least my phone is . . .

'it's silky white!' hahaha xD

the original first picture taken with my phone =D


chuirou me & joyce!

first time seeing joyce after 7 months lehhh, she's still the same haha. EXCEPT she cut her hair short AND grew taller than me!!!! hmph >.> laoda is still the same old her lu.. darn i didn't see her in her full md uniform ..... i wanna seeeeeeeeeee ~

*sigh* elena's the one missing...
haha startin to miss our high school times together...

people keep asking why she didn't went back to brunei along with me...
the main reason should be her exams . . .
she's trying very hard to study now as i write this post =)

haha my 3rd term's finally starting tmoro and i just met my new housemates. real nice people, and apparently my juniors, in batch 31. and they both have the same name, such a coincidence xD makes it easy for me to remember their names, i mean name. which is stephanie by the way.

ending this entree with me in white :

taken by hz when we're at cheezbox, i love the food there!! especially the chocolate lava ~ i miss it already yumm..

we're definitely going to cheezbox again when i'm backin brunei!! although THAT might be a long long time later =)